Guide to Signal Jammers

A signal jammer is a gadget that you use to interrupt or disrupt radio signals. Many times these are used for mobile phones to disrupt the receiving and transmitting of signals. They are usually wireless and can be used at any location off mobile phones. They can also be used to interfere with wireless local area network or WLAN, which lead to the development and manufacture of jammers such as Bluetooth jammers, wifi and wireless video jammers among others. Hi tech and sophisticated signal jammers can also stick satellites. Read more great facts on  radio jammer , click here. 

If an electronic device is in good condition, signal jammers will have some difficulties to interfere with them. These jammers are also used and regulated by the government and are usually designed to jam phone lines of communication. Corresponding signal jammers only hurt the receiving end of a phone call because it directly interferes with cellular phone and base station itself. It has a relatively small electromagnetic wave and this is why it does not harm the human body and the mobile phone itself. But, if the jammers are more like outdoor stations, it can become hazardous to health. For more useful reference regarding  drone jammer , have a peek here.

The most common signal jammer available is the mobile phone signal jammer. When mobile phone signals are jammed they interfere and prevent the phone from receiving signals from its base station by blocking the radio waves. Basic cell phone signal jammers work in a 10 meter to 1 kilometer distance.

The GPS signal jammer is another common signal jammer. They are commonly used by the military to confuse the GPS tracking sites. If civilians use these jammers, it is to hide of cover up his vehicle if it is being tracked by a GPS receiver. A civilian GPS jammer covers only up to 10 meters.

A Bluetooth jammer is integrated with a multi-functional jammer, which includes wifi and video signal jammer. It works by disrupting the disabling wireless LAN, Bluetooth devices, and video transmission for privacy.

Simple cell phone jammers cost around the range of less than fifty dollars to more than a hundred. GPS jammer is prices between a hundred dollars to less than a thousand five hundred dollars. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hammers are around two hundred or more, while multi function wifi and video signal jammer starts from around three hundred dollars. If you choose to buy these gadgets, you need to know that their use is subject to state laws and regulations. Please view this site fo further details.